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SCBBEC is 100% broad-based.

The SCBBEC is fully owned by the The Soul City Institute. The beneficiaries of the SCBBEC are therefore the beneficiaries of the Soul City Institute.

They are almost entirely black and evenly split between men and women.

In the 16-65 year age group:

  • Soul City as a whole reaches 81% of all South Africans, and 90% of those reached are black
  • Soul City television reaches 69% of all South Africans, and 98% of those reached are black
  • Soul City print reaches 50% of all South Africans, and 93% of those reached are black
  • Soul City radio is broadcast in nine African languages, and reaches 42% of all South Africans
  • Soul City interactive training materials have to date reached 4 million South Africans, and 90% of those reached are black

In the 8-15 year age group:

  • Soul Buddyz reaches 90% of all such children
  • 130,000 children belong to 6,500 Soul Buddyz Clubs; almost all are black
  • Soul Buddyz Scholarship is awarded to children who are very talented and show academic excellence, but because of their socio-economic background are struggling to escape their lives of poverty. Currently, 17 beneficiaries across the country receive the scholarship, which runs for 5 years. In total, R1.15m has been earmarked for the scholarship from the dividend proceeds of SCBBEC

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